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Did You Lose Your Medical Insurance Too???

November 14, 2013

Are you like the thousands/millions, including myself, who are losing their current health care insurance?  Have you been on to the new websites – Covered CA and  Did you hear that the Doctor you really like will no longer be part of the insurance plan you may have to buy?  How about your specialists, have they told you that they can’t cover you under the new plans?  Did your heart stop beating after reading how much it will now cost you to have this insurance?

I’ve had health care insurance for as long as I can remember.  The only changes ever made have been due to age changes done by the company.  Right now, I am paying, per mo, what I used to pay for a family of 4 – and here, naively, I thought that as my boys grew up and my husband went on Medicare, I would save a bundle, the cost would finally become very affordable.  No such thing!

I started reading stories and hearing from friends who were getting that letter stating that their insurance was being dropped and they had until Dec 31 to find a new policy or they would be fined.  Well, I got that dreaded letter about 3 weeks ago, but was told that since my plan doesn’t expire until May, I don’t have to do anything right now.  I’m on a group insurance plan thru the California Association of Realtors.  We are all self employed so to have group insurance brought the rates down from a private policy.

I’ve been reading and hearing more horror stories over the weeks about higher premiums, higher deductibles and how much more it will cost just to go to the doctors, if your doctors are even still in an insurance plan you want.  I decided to go to the Covered CA site to get answers for myself.  One thing to say, I was pleasantly surprised that I was able to get right on the website, I didn’t have to input my social security number, my last years tax return or pledge the life of my firstborn (jk).  But then reality hit!

To keep a plan, with the same company, at the same premium I’m paying now, I will now have a deductible that I didn’t have before.  My costs to see the doctor, have lab work done, have xrays, and go to the ER, will more than double.  Oh, and if I end up in the hospital, the daily rate will now be triple, too!  If I drop down 1 level, I will save about $125 mo on the premium, but the deductible will also rise as will those same costs rising triple now.  The last time I had private insurance, I stopped going to the doctor unless I couldn’t get out of bed as I never could meet my deductible, so I paid full costs for the visit and medications each and every time.  As a person gets older, they do go to the doctors more than when they were young, and some require medications now…….these expenses can now really add up!  Oh, but wait, here’s the best!!!  My husband will now get maternity and pre-natal care and I will be able to get my prostrate checked yearly – now is that great or what???

I really don’t know what I am going to do.  I do know that I will be calling Covered CA for more details, call my current health care plan and insurance company for a lot more details.  I like my doctor and don’t want to lose her

Read in the OC Register today and it is exactly the truth – “The atrocious Unaffordable Care Act would have been dead on arrival if we had been told the truth, that more than 100 million of us would lose our insurance in order to provide coverage for the uninsured and that the new policies we were forced into would have higher premiums, larger co-pays, fewer doctors in network and larger deductibles.”

Don’t believe what I’m saying?  Go on to these sites yourself and check it out.  I didn’t truly believe it until I had the details in front of me….

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