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I Am Going to be The Weed You Can’t Kill –

July 21, 2013

weedWhat is ‘mid life”?  Have you ever really thought about that lately?  Well, neither had I until I read an article by Connie Schultz in the newpaper on Sunday.

Way back when, I was out shopping with my husband and was talking to this very nice older woman – well, older than me anyway.  We were talking about getting older and she asked how old I was.  I told her 35 and she said “oh, your middle aged already”.  That really took me aback and actually upset me as I was NOT middle aged, I did NOT feel middle aged and I certainly didn’t ACT middle aged!!!  Middle aged would have been saying I won’t be here when I’m 70 and I certainly planned on it.

My mother had told me “When I turned 50, it was liberating, I felt so free”, and of course, the non-filtered, free flowing word maven I am, told her “Are you out of your freakin mind?  50 is a death sentence, I will be OLD, OLD, OLD!!!”.  When my mothers generation turned older, they had to cut their hair (no more pony tails), wear red lipstick and be old!  My mother in law told me that when she turned 30, it was no longer appropriate for her to wear a bathing suit (wait, did I dare tell her that I still wore bikini’s WELL beyond that age?), that at 50, she could no longer wear sleeveless blouses and that at 60, she had to button the top button of her shirt and wear long sleeves, since it was not appropriate to show her arms, which had withered from lack of exercise.

Well, I am beyond a few of those age limits for doing the “appropriate” things and who cares?  Certainly not me!  Yes, turning 50 was liberating and yes, I had to cave in and admit good old Mom was right.  I loved me, I cared no longer what most people thought of me – those who knew me loved me and knew that what came out of my mouth may not have come out correctly but they knew the sentiment and love behind those words, so it was ok – and those that didn’t know me and took exception, I no longer let worry me.  Yes, I wore bikini’s until I didn’t like me in them anymore and then found board shorts – whoo hoo, what fun!!  My hair is long, I wear pony tails, I wear sleeveless shirts when it’s hot and oh my gosh, I even wear cami’s (but wait, don’t tell my mom or mother in law), and yes, I know I need to exercise more (who doesn’t) but one day I will get back around to it. 

I still work, I love my work, I’m going to work until I’m 102, so that puts my middle age at 51.  And I’m never wearing red lipstick!!!  I’m going to be the weed you can’t kill, I will just keep growing and loving life!

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