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Surf City Residents get to decide on fireworks!

July 14, 2012

If you are a resident of Huntington Beach, you are being asked to decide whether to permanently reinstate fireworks.

Mayor Don Hansen would like a measure to be put on the November ballot to change the city’s charter to allow  “Safe and Sane” fireworks within the cities borders.  Now, this might be only me thinking this way, but do the words “Safe and Sane” and Fireworks belong in the same breath???

Hansen wrote in his report to the council that he wants to leave the matter to voters to “protect this decision from being used for political theater in the future”.  Councilman Joe Shaw is calling for residents who oppose fireworks in Huntington Beach to show up at the City Council meeting Monday night and voice their concerns.  The 25 year old ban was lifted in January as part of a two year trial period.

Supporters of the fireworks say celebrating the 4th of July holiday with neighborhood fireworks is a tradition residents should be allowed to participate in if they choose.  Do they remember the fires and damage caused by these “legal” fireworks years ago, before they were banned?

Opponents to this rule say the move was politically driven and puts residents in danger.  The concern over illegal fireworks also came up while the council considered lifting the ban.

So, if you want to give your input on the fireworks for Surf City, come to the City Council Meeting on Monday night.  It’s the masses that get heard, not that one little voice!


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