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Why Don’t You Want To Pay A Realtor To Lease/Rent Your Home?

March 1, 2012

Ok, I know “why” you don’t want to pay – but “why” don’t you want to pay?

Sound a little confusing?  I’ll straighten out the two “whys” in just a minute.  I am a Realtor – a Listing Agent, a Buyers Agent and an Agent who does a LOT of leases/rents.  So – on to first “why”.  I know why you don’t want to pay a Realtor.  You think you can just stick a sign in front of the house, put an ad in the paper and get that tenant, and it will cost your very little , if nothing.  And if you hire a Realtor, we will charge you to do the same things you just did, but it will cost you.  Do I have that right?  Is this what you are thinking???

On to the 2nd “why”.  Why would you not want to pay a Realtor to do this job?  I know what the current rental prices are in your neighborhood.  I put it on the MLS which then feeds out to a lot more sites than you have access to.  I know where to put it to get the most exposure for your home.  I then show the home everytime anyone calls – either from the listing I placed on the MLS, the ads I place (and I place a LOT) , the information I put on the many Social Media sites I’m on or the sign that is in the front yard.  I also open it up to other agents to show their clients your home and possibly get it leased even faster.  I interview each and every person, make sure that I have current credit reports and FICO’s on every adult living in the home, verify their employment and housing histories to make sure that they will be a great tenant for you.  I present you with each and every offer after doing all of this work and we work out an agreement that is suitable for everyone.  I can then stay involved as to rent, repairs, whatever may be needed to be the go-between for you and the new tenant if required.  I protect you and I protect them.  I protect you and your tenants by making sure that  everything that needs to be disclosed about the property is – is there, or has there been, mold, lead based paint, leaking, etc.  Do you have all the necessary documents for this, or are you aware of everything that needs to be disclosed???  And yes, I charge for my services.  Have you ever asked a Realtor what they charge to do all of this?  I bet you will be mighty surprised to find out it not as much as you think it as, after finding out all the work we do for you. 

Now, I had this little devious voice running thru my head the first lease I took a  lease listing on.  This was from a client that I sold a home to, and they thought they would then lease their current home out.  I don’t seek leases out, but I will do them if asked.  This little  voice was saying – “Great, first time landlord, they will hate it by the end of the year and want me to sell their home – Yay, I will get another listing!”

Well, that little devious thought backfired on me!  I did such a great job in placing a tenant in their beautiful home and it worked out so nice for everyone, that the tenants extended their lease and everyone is happy  – including me, too.  Every lease that I have done like this (selling the owner a home and leasing this other home) since has worked out exactly like this.  There has also been an added benefit for me……the landlords have been so happy with me that I have been referred to a lot of their friends (either sell, buy or lease) AND the tenants that I have placed have also been so happy with me, that they have also referred me AND when they get ready to buy a home, guess who they call???  ME!!!  And, yes, I do get that listing when the owners have decided it’s time to sell this home and purchase another one, maybe another lease for them, sell the tenants a home and then sell them another one and lease out the first one………it goes on and on and on.

So, why not hire a Realtor?  I’m in it for the long term – selling, buying and leasing.  I’m also a landlord so I do for you what I do for me and it works!

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