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I am a 2011 Orange Coast Five Star Real Estate Agent!

September 23, 2011

Yes, I want to brag a little!  I’ve been named a 2011 Orange County Five Star Real Estate Agent. I was also on this elite list in 2010!

 How Was I Selected? 

 The research team contacted consumers in Orange County and asked if they had experience working with a real estate agent. Consumers who agreed to participate in the survey provided the name of the real estate agent and rated that individual according to key criteria such as integrity, negotiation and closing preparation.

 Surveys were sent to Orange County residents who recently purchased a home over $150,000 (more than 30,000 households) within a 12 month period (February 2010 to February 2011) and 1,000 subscribers ofOrangeCoastmagazine. An additional 250 surveys were sent to mortgage and title companies.

 The survey data was collected and score, resulting in the list of 2011 Orange Coast Five Star Real Estate Agents. The research methodology allows only 7% or fewer real estate agents in a given market to qualify for the Five Star award.

 Five Star Professional follows standard sampling and survey practices used by other professional research organizations. Our research also includes feedback from industry peers and leaders, and a regulatory review to provide necessary checks and balances

Call me and let’s work together!

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