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6 EXCELLENT Reasons to Sell Your Home Now – Really!

August 6, 2011

I  know, I know, you have heard this before, from every Realtor that comes to your door BUT did you consider these reasons???

1)     Did you think about moving a few years ago, but saw prices dropping and thought you’d wait until they went back up?  What happened with that?  I don’t know when they will be back up to your original high price – do you?

 2)     You might have said “If I had a master bedroom downstairs, we could stay here forever”.  Do you have that master bedroom downstairs? 

3)     Did you think about downsizing years ago, but didn’t, and now realize that you really do need/want a single story home, or a smaller home that cleaning doesn’t require shutting the extra bedrooms and bathrooms you are no  longer using? 

4)     Or the opposite – “We’ll be ok in this smaller home for years until we have kids – or until we have more kids – and now those years have passed and you really NEED a larger home? 

5)     Do you still have equity in your home? 

6)     Are you over 55 years of age?  Read why this is a positive further below 

There are so many positives to selling now, even in a down market.  First, I don’t know when prices will be back up to either where they were or just plain going back up.  I thought I saw an uptick earlier this year, but not so now.  I also want you to think of this:  If you are on the border of still have equity in your home and you are waiting for those prices to go up, and your neighbor sells now for a much lower price than you want, your new neighbors will have instant equity when the housing market takes a positive turn, yet it could take you years just to get back to the price you originally want to sell at, and the same amount of equity 

Another positive is this:  You will sell for less than you want, but the next home you buy will be bought at prices so much lower than they were years ago and this price affects your property taxes, insurance, etc.  You can now afford to buy that larger home that was out of your price range years ago or buy that smaller home at prices so much lower than you thought you would have to pay years ago too. Interest Rates are lower than they have historically been – why not take advantage of that? 

Now, to explain #6.  Are you, or one person on title over 55 years of age?  Prop 60/90 can save you money on your next purchase.  If you buy “less than or equal to” fair market value of your current home, you can transfer your property tax basis to the next home.  Call me for full details on these propositions.  My husband and I took advantage of this a few years ago and we pay property tax half of what it would have been for this purchase.

Call or email me if you would like more information or to discuss your options.  Follow me on  Facebook at Orange County/Huntington Beach Real Estate, Twitter @cyndimino, LinkedIn at Cyndimino

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