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Renters, Landlords, Buyers, Sellers – Beware! I’ve been Scammed – and I’m MAD!!!

March 21, 2011

Ok, a lot of you may say “whats the big deal, it happens to a lot of people, just forget about it”.  Nope, not me, I don’t do things that way!!!

I never realized how dangerous this can be for renters, landlords, buyers and sellers.  Not just for real estate, but for everything…..

Yes, I use Craigslist like a lot of other people do.  I sell and buy off Craigslist and until recently, I posted my real estate listings and rentals there.  I make a nice, professional ad to place on there, not some generic 3 line sentence.

I had a beautiful home for lease featured on this site until 3 weeks ago, when it was leased.  I removed the ad and then 1 week ago, started getting phone calls inquiring about this home.  I always ask where a person sees my ad since I advertise in many places and need to know which sites are the most cost effective.  I was told by everyone that it came from Craigslist and I knew I removed the ad.

But – and here is where the punch line was – each and every person thought it was strange that I had it posted at 2 different prices and my ads were placed 2 different ways – hhhmmm, what?  That wasn’t me, so please forward me a copy of that posting.  I immediately went onto Craigslist and saw the posting they were referring to.  I flagged it and reported it, thinking this would stop whoever it was.  I noticed that the posting was gone within minutes.

Wrong!  I got another call yesterday from a very nice person, saying exactly the same thing – which price is it since they are very different?  She told me that she actually emailed the person with the post and got an answer that was wierd so wanted to talk to me.  She has since forwarded me all of the emails so that I can try to get him/her shut down.

Here is the Buyer Beware point – this scammer emailed her with a few of MY pictures, some of MY wording, but his price and from his email.  “I don’t live in the US but am renting out this beautiful home.  If you are interested, here is my form to fill out, send me a check for the deposit and I will send you the keys since I can’t be there to show you the home”.  Does this story sound familiar from a lot of these scam stories you read in the newspaper lately???  He/She  has continued to stay in contact with this very nice person who is now helping me out to try and trap him/her.  He continues to email asking for the check, when is it coming so he can send the keys.  He used information that is available to the public so seem legitimate

Scammer – I”m coming after you!  You have endangered my credibility and the owners of this home and the tenants aren’t happy with you either since people are showing up at their front door asking questions.  I have now posted signs warning people about you, so get lost!!!

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