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Do You Want to be Found? – or – Uh-Oh, How Did They Find Me?

October 12, 2010

Have you ever wondered how someone found you?  Do you want to find anyone in particular?

I thought about that a few weeks ago when I had a lender tell me that he checked me out before calling me – what???  He is my buyers lender and wanted to know more about me – why?  I asked how he found me and what he found.  He told me that he “Googled” me!  Uh-Oh, my first thought was “what did he find?”

I Googled myself to see what is out there in the wild blue yonder and you would be surprised – and maybe a bit horrified!  If you are on any social website – such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, if you have any personal or business website – basically anything that is online, you will come up in any search for your name. 

But this could be to my advantage too.  If they can find me, I can find them – aha!  Now, we Real Estate Agents know that we can look up other agents at the Department of Real Estate or even our MLS system, but does that really tell us the personality of the person we are dealing with?  No, but an online search will…….I use it to find out about the other agents I may involved in a transaction with – are they familiar with Short Sales, are they just starting in the business, etc?

Forewarning to all – be VERY careful in what you do online. Watch what you say, what you post, the pictures you post, every site you ever visit where you may comment on something.  If you have nothing to hide, then this blog may just be amusing BUT will others like what they find out about you?   Look yourself up – Do you like you?    I like me!

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