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Laugh of the Day for Women Real Estate Agents

October 11, 2010

Women have it hard and women Real Estate Agents have it harder!  Have you ever thought of this – you wake up, throw your sweats on and go to the grocery story, not really caring who you see since it doesn’t matter much.  We women Real Estate Agents have it hard – we have to worry about everyone who sees us since they may want to work with us and if it looks like our mascara is down under our eyes, our sweats are baggy and have holes in the knees – do you think that inspires much confidence in our business acumen?  Is our hair ratty up in a ponytail and not styled like our pictures show?  I don’t mean looking casual, I mean looking downright sloppy…….

Have you ever left the house in the morning dressed as described above and forget that you have your magnetic signs still on the doors of your cars?  And wonder about the looks you are getting from passerby’s?  Luckily I don’t since I don’t have the magnetic signs but I’m using this as an example because I know an agent who has done just this and all I could do was laugh as I passed her car and saw her like this.  Now, I do know this agent so I’m not making fun of her since we all need our down time.

Have we ever forgotten that we are using business cards with pictures of us from 10 or more years ago?  I refuse to do that since I once went to an Open House with my husband in tow.  I knew the agent that was doing it, but only by name and picture – OR so I thought!  When I showed my husband the picture that the agent was using later, I thought he wouldn’t stop laughing, he couldn’t believe that the agent we met in the kitchen was her, since the picture was from a VERY long time ago and there had been a lot of changes in those years.  I also thought about this a few years later when I went to a Listing Presentation and was met at the door by the seller and the first words out of his mouth were “You look just like your picture” – oh-uh, is this good or is this bad?? So I asked just that and was told that they were very happy,  that they felt they already knew me before meeting me and this was all good.  Phew, had me scared for a minute but also taught me this lesson about pictures.  yes, we can get them airbrushed and slightly faded, but they should still look like a refreshed you.

One last note  on this same subject – do you remember your name tags and do you wear them?  How many times do women agents forget to wear their name tags at Open Houses since the tags don’t stick (if they are magnetic) or don’t “blend” with the outfit?  You are losing such valuable moments of those buyers remembering you. 

Of course, wearing that name tag to the carwash while your hair is in that raggedy ponytail and you have mascara under your eyes and your holey sweats on really isn’t a great idea either – not a good time to network!  lol

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