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I am SO predictable!!!

March 21, 2010

I put my ALL into everything I do – my family, my business, my life……

I am a Realtor and most of us have hours that include evenings and weekends.  I work primarily Huntington Beach, but I also have clients I’m working with right now in Irvine.  Have I mentioned that I LOVE MY JOB???

Because I love my job, doing what I do means that I do everything I need to do and more, just ask my clients…..

But it also takes its toll on me.  I’v learned over the years that as soon as I have that escrow check deposited, I fall apart for about 3 days.  Lack of sleep, lack of eating regularly is not good on the body, as my body as told me over and over and over.

That’s where I am again….back in bed, slept all day Friday, don’t feel bright and cheery again today. Work may be on hold for a few days but life doesn’t stop. 

Oh, did I also mention that my husband retired, no more steady income, my oldest son is getting married in May and the youngest is graduating with his Masters in May and May is coming up very, very soon……I better feel really good again soon, life goes on and so do I!

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