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Does this bother anyone else???

October 9, 2009

Does this bother anyone else, the way it bothers me?  No, I’m not referring to the article itself.  We all have to learn not to believe all you read in the headlines – skip to the end of the article first!

As an example – an article in the Orange County Register, yesterday 10/8/2009, featuring Leslie Appleton-Young , the Chief Economist for the California Association of Realtors.

In short, the headlines blare “State home Prices Forecast to Rise“.  it goes on to say that California home prices hit bottom in early 2009 and are projected continue rising thru 2010.  “Leslie Appleton-Young  has projected that the median California house price will rise 3.3 percent next year, but sales will decline by about 2.3 percent”.

Ok, that sounds right.  I’ve seen prices start to go up in the coastal area of Southern California.  And again, I’m still seeing prices going down in the north Orange County area.

What bothers me is this – why do we have to see what looks like great news, just to finish reading to the end of the article to see that it’s not all good. 

Further into the article, towards the end, she states “the median house prices likely will drop from this month through the early months of 2010, then rise throught the spring”.  So, house prices are on the rise or still dropping?

And, the end of the article – “A heavier-than-expected wave of foreclosures next year also could put downward pressure on home prices”.

I give up.  I will read the headlines and then just skip to the last paragraph of the article and then still be where I started.

I’m not saying anything detrimental to Leslie Appleton-Young, the Register newspaper or the author of the article.  I am just saying that I’m tired of reading headlines that show promise, only to read to the end and see that it’s not all peaches and cream.  This happens in all newspapers, both print and online and we even see it on the evening news.  I’m just tired of it!

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