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No, I do NOT charge !!!

September 25, 2009

I guess it must be hard to believe.  I know I believe myself but when I put myself into your shoes, it does sound like a typical salesman story.

I do NOT charge to work with you in obtaining a Loan Modification.  I do NOT get paid, from anyone, for this work.  Yes, it is self satisfying for me to do this.  I like to sleep at night, and raking someone over the coals is not my idea of a good time.  Watching a Lawyer charge exhorbitant rates and not getting his job done, watching your lender pass you off, month after month with no satisfaction, seeing the look in your eyes when no one listens hurts me too.  Ask anyone who knows me, I still cry at the Rescue dog commercials.

I have information and phone numbers you probably do not have and I don’t charge $4000 that lawyers can charge. 

I will work with you, calling your lenders, going higher up the food chain than you have been able to do on your own.  We, together, will get the paperwork necessary to show why you need a Loan Mod.  We can show the lenders that you do want to stay in your home, that you can make a payment that is beneficial to both of you.  We can make it beneficial to the lender to work with you on this, so that they do not lose anywhere from 35% (for a Short Sale) to 65% (for a Foreclosure).

But you do have to have a backup plan in mind at all times.  If you have had a Notice of Default placed on your home, working on a Loan Modification will not stop this procedural time frame.  You will be given the Notice of Default, 90 days later a Trustee Sale Notice will be tacked onto your front door, for all of your neighbors to see.  Approximately 21 days after that, if your mortgage has not been satisfied, an auction will take place, your home will be sold and you will be given 20 minutes by  a Sheriff to vacate your home and get as many belongings as you can out of there.  Working on Loan Mod does not stop this

Now, before you say that you know people who have been living in their homes for over a year, rent free – I do too.  There are some lenders out there who are over-inundated with requests for help – and they don’t listen to you.  They also don’t listen to us – Realtors – when we have a Short Sale for them to approve.  But don’t think this will go on forever, one day someone will show up at your home with that notice and it will be too late.

I cannot guarantee that we can get a Loan Modification for you, some lenders just will not grant one and thats why I say you need a backup plan.  You can Short Sell your home, you can walk away from it, you can do a Deed in Lieu, you can do a Bankruptcy…….these are just a few options you have, but I have the information for those options.

I know that once your Notice of Default is posted, it becomes public knowledge, and you will get many, may phone calls from someone offering help.  As someone told me last night, she’s gotten calls from lawyers, mortgage companies and other real estate agents, who offer their services, but all for a fee.  I’ve got phone numbers for you to call to verify my story, that I charge nothing!

Let me help you.  Staying in your home benefits everyone including myself.  It keeps property values up in your neighborhood, which then benefits me because I am also a homeowner in your community and I don’t want to see my home drop in value either.

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